5 Ways to Nail the No Makeup Look

Getting into makeup to nail a no makeup look might sound crazy and a bit weird. However, this is the thing that men might not understand.

At some point, we feel the need to wear makeup but we don’t want it to look too much at the same time. The no-makeup makeup look is the ultimate answer to this issue.

So, how can we nail this makeup look then? In this article, we have some tips you can follow so you look all-natural while still wearing makeup.

5 Ways to Nail the No Makeup Look
5 Ways to Nail the No Makeup Look

A healthy and clean face is the key

Wearing makeup but still look all-natural could be a challenge for some people. The key to achieving that kind of look is by maintaining the health of your face and keeping it clean all the time. Thus, it is important to cleanse your face regularly even though you might stay at home for the day.

Before applying the makeup, make sure your face is clean and pat it dry. After that, you can start with the right moisturizer. Water-soluble moisturizer is your friend especially during the pandemic

Meanwhile, if you decide to apply a tinted moisturizer, you can stick with one product only. No need to pre-moisturize your skin.

Light primer

Going with a no makeup look should be started with something light too. A primer is the easiest way to start smooth. Pick a product that will suit your skin type even some of them are created with a pore-filling feature.

If the primer can fill the pore, you will get a smooth look and poreless appearance instantly. Also, it won’t clog your skin like thick foundation products would do. Choosing the right primer will also make you glow and show a hydrating look.

5 Ways to Nail the No Makeup Look
5 Ways to Nail the No Makeup Look

Light coverage

We should stick to light products to get a no-makeup makeup look. You don’t want to deal with a full coverage foundation after all.

So, what are things you should look for? You can go for a tinted moisturizer, BB, and CC creams. Those products will provide extra hydration to your skin. Other than that, those products will let some beauty imperfections show up too such as redness, freckles, and so on.

Use concealer

Well, we surely go natural but some things might need to be concealed in the first place. Thus, make sure you have invested in a good concealer product to cover acne scars and other things you don’t want to show.

Concealers can also take care of your eye bags. It is essential to invest in this product. Keep in mind that the product should match your skin tone since the main objective is to make evenly-looking skin. You can wear a special concealer brush or simply pat it with your finger.

Pick the right color

You need to color your cheek with something natural as well as your lips. This helps to show a fresh yet natural look on your face.