Fashion Technology in 2020

Technological developments will also affect the work of making clothes. Enables all designers in the world to be able to create works that are more complex and seem very difficult to make in the past. If you intend to be involved in the world of design, it is important to know these kinds of technologies.

Knowing about technological developments can prepare you before starting design school. Of course, it will affect your portfolio results later when you are finished with your studies. The thing that is certain to be in the discussion of this fashion technology is AI too. Immediately, we start with details on every latest technology in the world of fashion.

  1. AI Helps Designers Find Shirt Designs

Artificial intelligence or AI is indeed very helpful for human work in all sectors, including making fashion designs. The well-known company Google has tested AI which played a role in making designs on a project called Muze. The project is running in collaboration with a fashion company in Germany called Zalando.

AI Helps Designers Find Shirt Designs
AI Helps Designers Find Shirt Designs

The project involves AI that can work to detect colors, textures, trending styles, and also other parameters related to aesthetics in fashion. The AI ​​they use in the project does have a special algorithm that can make custom designs according to the wishes of consumers. This AI technology has been widely applied in the fashion world, especially in T-shirt vendors since 2019.

  1. Fabrics Integrated with the Internet of Things

Technological developments have not only made making fashion designs easier. Technology makes it possible to build smart clothing that can connect to the internet. An example of this smart clothing is sportswear that can be responsive to Yoga Pants. A glimpse of information about Yoga Pants made by Nadi X can help users to make yoga postures more correct.

There are sensors on the ankles, knees, and hips. Amazingly, the owner can wash it after using yoga. This technology allows many busy people to do yoga in their homes. No need to bother leaving the house to be able to follow the movements taught by a yoga trainer.

  1. 3D Printing for Clothing

Today’s designers may use 3D printing to help create unique clothing designs. They can also use it in making accessories. This is a very spectacular discovery in the fashion world and you really need to know before entering fashion education. The use of this printing technology allows the processing of demand to be faster too.

3D Printing for Clothing
3D Printing for Clothing

It is suitable for those of you who have a busy schedule and will take part in a fashion exhibition project. This is very helpful for designers so that they can focus more on the type of design that must be made in order to create a booming trend. 3D printing technology will help each brand to be able to make changes to designs instantly and check the results long before the end of a project.

  1. Virtual and Augmented Reality Software Design Results

Making designs on paper and making it happen in 3D with the help of software and VR can give a different impression. This can make it easier for the assistant designer to understand how to make a design, because it is already present in its 3D form.